Frequently Asked Questions


Does Kitnitiative offer a military discount?

  • Yes! Send us proof of service, and we will apply the military discount to your account. Be sure to send the proof with the email address you will be placing orders with. Once we process your request, you will be issued a unique code to use during checkout to activate the discount for future orders.
  • If your email address for orders changes, simply re-submit proof with the new email address you intend to use. Please note that this will de-activate the discount associated the previous email, but your unique code will remain the same.


    What size is best for me?

    • We made a guide just for this kind of question! Check it out HERE.

    Will new sizes become available?

    • We intend to offer a wider range of sizes in the future, and will make an announcement on Twitter and our website as soon as we are able to. For now, please feel welcome to get in touch with us and let us know what size you are hoping for. Having such information will help us gauge demand for certain sizes.

    What is the max absorbency of your diapers?

    • 6800ml
    • Read more about absorbency HERE.

    Are Kitnitiative diapers available through other retailers or suppliers?

    • As of this writing, our diapers are only authorized for sale on our website, Kitnitiative.com. We will post an update if our diapers become available anywhere else!

    Is my transaction private?

    • Your information is used to execute your order in a number of technical ways that you can read about on our privacy policy. In general, though, we take the privacy of our customers very seriously, and your information is used only for the fulfillment of our services to you. You can find our privacy policy HERE.

    What company name will appear when my credit card is charged?

    • The transaction will show on your billing statement as Starling's Dawn, LLC 

    Can I pay with an HSA card?

    • You sure can! We accept HSA card payments through PayPal. At the top of the checkout interface, among the "express checkout" options, click the PayPal option.

    Can you provide me with an invoice for FSA purposes?

    • Send us an email from the email address you listed when placing your order and we will be happy to provide you with an invoice.


    How do I provide special instructions for my order?

    • During the checkout process, there will be an “instructions to merchant” window. If there is anything special we need to know, you can put it here. You can also email us BEFORE placing your order if you would like to make sure we can accommodate your instructions. If we cannot accommodate your instructions, we will attempt to get in touch with you and work something out before we ship your order. If we have not heard from you within 72 hours, we will cancel your order. In order for us to guarantee action on any instructions, they MUST be provided during checkout and approved by us.


    Where will my shipment originate?

    • Your order will originate and be sent to you from our warehouse in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

    Are the items listed for sale really in stock?

    • They sure are! If you see it in stock on our website, it means that it is physically located in our warehouse in Savannah, Georgia, USA and is immediately available.


    Is shipping discreet?

    • Our shipping label has our main company name on it in small print, (Starling's Dawn,) as well as the address of our outbound shipping location (which is a UPS address.)
    • Our shipping boxes and external labels do not give any indication of what is inside.  However, for those wanting extra detail, we have described every packaging situation in this blog post HERE


      Can you ship to my location?

      • Currently, our shipping range covers the 48 contiguous states of the USA. As we level up, we intend to make every effort we can to expand our shipping options and make our diapers available to more little ones far away. We will be sure to make announcements on Twitter and our website to let you know about such developments.

      Do you ship to PO boxes?

      • Unfortunately, we are unable to ship orders to PO boxes

      How long will it take my order to arrive?

      • Our shipping policy indicates that we may take up to three business days to fulfill your order. That is very unlikely, though. Most of the time, we will have your order shipped on the following business day. Most of our orders ship with UPS. Below, you can see a map we obtained from their website that indicates their travel time estimates. We occasionally ship some orders with USPS. When this happens, it is usually for samples.


      What happens if my package is returned to sender?

      • Our basic rule is that if a package is returned to us due to an error on our part, we will be happy to re-ship your package or provide you with a refund. In this situation, you will incur no additional fees.

      In all other cases, there are two possible outcomes:

      • If you would like the package re-shipped, you will be required to pay the return shipping fees in addition to the shipping fees we paid originally before the re-shipment is made.


      • If you would like a refund, the amount provided to you will have the original shipping fee, the return shipping fee, and a 10% restocking fee deducted.


      Can I select a specific shipping service?

      • Of course! However, by default, we ship our orders out based on a "best available" basis. We select the most cost effective shipping service when we fulfill your order. In this context, we do not charge any shipping fees.


      • If you wish to use a specific shipping carrier, there may be additional fees associated with the service. Please feel welcome to reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss your shipping preferences.

      No one responded to my email or website inquiry.

      • We respond to all well-mannered and polite messages we receive. We will typically respond within two business days.


      • If you do not see a response from us, be sure to check your spam folder as well as the "promotions" tab if you are using gmail. Alternatively, selecting "all mail" on your gmail interface should make it show up.


      • For other email services, be sure to look for similar folders to the ones mentioned above, since many may have different places where "spam" and "promotions" are automatically sorted that prevent the message from appearing in the main inbox.

      Who makes the art for the company?

      • All of the writing, art and design you see upon our website and products are made by the owners of the company!

      What plans do you have for the future?

      • Our first priority is to improve our original Adventure Puffs! design, and offer an improved version when it becomes practical to do so. Your feedback will help us in this process! So please, feel welcome to send us your feedback so we can make our diapers the best they can be. We also currently have two other upcoming designs in active development, as well as a number of other ideas on the drawing board for later down the road.

      Will you update the design of the landing strip?

      • We are working to improve the design of the Adventure Puffs diapers so that the next version will have an even better look. Particularly, we intend to improve their appearance by reducing the visibility of the backsheet through the landing strip.

        There are a number of ways we can do this, and we would be happy to hear the feedback of anyone who has an opinion on the matter.

        The ideas we currently have for improving the appearance are...
        1) Lightening the icons on the backsheet. This will result in a more powdery look to the icons. While the icons may still be visible through the plastic, they will not be nearly as prominent.

        2) In addition to the above idea, we are considering replacing the shield in the middle with two smaller ones, and moving all the icons closer to the sides.

        3) Using hook-and-loop materials for the landing strip instead of plastic. The hook-and-loop materials are denser, and the icons will be less visible. If we go this route, the rest of the diaper will remain plastic.

        If you have any ideas, again, feel welcome to let us know your feedback!

      Can these diapers transfer ink?

      Any diaper bearing a printed design has the propensity to transfer ink under certain conditions, and our diapers are no exception. Ink transfer to skin, clothing and other surfaces can occur in situations involving high levels of heat, friction, and in the presence of creams, lotions, lubricants and oils. Please be aware that we do not offer refunds or compensation for instances of ink transference.

      What makes you different from other diaper companies?

      • When we first received this question, we were not quite sure it was appropriate for us to answer it. After all, much of what makes us different is entirely in the eyes of our guildees, the ABDL & babyfur communities, and the public at large. We could muster up a myriad of differences from a technical standpoint, but the reality of it all is that those differences may not be the ones that are truly important. The real differences that are important reveal themselves through the fabric of one's actions, and given the young nature of our company, we do not have much of a track record quite yet. Besides that, we have a great deal of respect for our fellow diaper companies, and see little reason to make any expressions that would suggest that we feel that any of them are lacking in any way. So, rather than making an attempt at illustrating what might make us different from anyone else, we will instead attempt to tell you about what we wish to strive to be:

        It is our hope, our dream, and our vision to earn the trust and respect of the ABDL & babyfur communities in a valid and honest manner that makes everyone feel positive not only about us, but about the communities we are a part of as a whole. We intend to listen to all of your feedback and do whatever we reasonably can to develop in a way that suits the wishes and needs of our guildees. In every manner conceivable, we wish to offer you a place where you can feel comfortable letting the little one inside of you free to roam and play. Through the nature of our design philosophy, we wish to take you to a place, or perhaps a time, that seems familiar, comfortable, joyful and fulfilling, and hopefully helps you find that little spark of magic that says "it is safe here."

        What is our ultimate goal, though? Well, that one's easy. We want you to feel PROUD to have us by your side, and that, we will strive to achieve above all else.


      I have a question about something else!

      • Please feel welcome to send us a message with your question HERE