Why can't I hold all of these potions?! On the topic of Absorbency.......

Factory testing performed by our manufacturer indicates that the maximum absorbency of the Adventure Puffs diapers is 6800ml.

Ultimately, we decided to perform tests of our own before committing to these figures. We chose a method that seemed the most reflective of reality: A test in which the diapers were gradually saturated with a small stream of water from a tube. Several tests using this method put our minds at ease with the factory specifications, with each test resulting in figures that deviated only slightly from the factory's assessment.

However, as you might imagine, it is more complicated than a single number. The absorbency you actually experience with your diaper is going to vary based on some other factors, such as fit, environmental conditions, activity level, hydration level, posture, and the speed of usage.

All in all, the main thing to keep in mind is that this assessment is based on a "laboratory-like" situation. Your practical results in actually using the diaper are certainly going to differ, and our figures represent a maximum possibility.
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