The Adventurer's New Diaper : Sizing Concerns?

Picking the right diaper size can be a real challenge. After all, these aren't pants we're talkin' about! They aren't even shorts! Or undies!

Since we cannot accept returns based on a lack of proper fit, we have put together the following guide to try our best to help you make the right decision.

We recommend taking a measurement of your waist, (just above the belly button) and your hips, and choosing a size based on the larger measurement.

Keep in mind, just because a certain size fits in terms of the measurements, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will like how it feels. If your measurements are close to the upper end of medium, for example, you may find it more comfy to pick the large.

For those of you that want to get into the REAL nitty gritty of the math involved, here we go: The measurement you see for the upper end of the medium size range listed on our product page is calculated as follows. Keep in mind, each individual item may differ by a few centimeters, which makes it important to consider buying the next size up the closer you are to the edge on your measurements.

  • (F + B) - (A) = U

  • F = 66cm = Front-side from wing-tip to wing-tip
  • B = 67cm = Back-side from wing-tip to wing-tip
  • A = 21cm = Allowance for overlap
  • U = 112cm = Upper limit

You can use these numbers when taking your measurements. We encourage you to make the value of A higher if you prefer a looser fit. One detail to keep in mind is that the 21cm is the total allowance for both sides, and represents an overlap. So basically, at our maximum as calculated, with that 21cm overlap, you end up with 5.25cm per side to work with. Some cubs may find that a little snug, which is why we recommend going up a size if you are close to the upper end of the range. Besides, who doesn't want more padding?!

But if all else fails, we offer a nifty double-size sample that includes both a medium and a large diaper so you can pick the one that's right for you before committing to a larger order.
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