Is shipping discreet?

Our shipping label has our main company name on it in small print, (Starling's Dawn,) as well as the address of our outbound shipping location (which is a UPS address.)

Our shipping labels do not indicate the contents within a package.

Individual sample orders will ship in a plain poly-mailer.

10, 20 & 30 packs, as well as orders containing multiple samples, will ship in a plain brown box.

For our 40 packs, the shipping label is placed over a panel containing a barcode and organizational codes that help us keep our warehouse organized, but are otherwise undiscernible. "Keep dry" and "Handle with care" are also displayed on the panel covered by the shipping label. "Do not use blades to open" is displayed on other parts of the shipping box.

We typically make light-hearted markings on the *interior* of shipping boxes to add an additional touch of fun. These markings are not visible from the outside of the package. We will omit these markings when such omission is requested in the notes section of an order.

If you have a special packaging request, please be sure to contact us before placing your order or use the "notes" section during checkout. We may attempt to email you for clarification if necessary before fulfilling your order.

Please note, that we will only honor requests to *increase* the privacy of shipments, and must decline requests to decrease privacy. If we cannot honor your request and are unable to reach you via email, we will cancel the order. If this happens, your original payment method will be refunded.
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