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Adventure Puffs! Adult Diapers

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Every adventure starts with picking the right gear, and new Kitnitiative Adventure Puffs adult diapers have features that every intrepid adventurer will appreciate!

For the heroic protector, 6800ml of capacity* will give you the endurance to stay in the game for longer! For the watchful magician, lock away wetness for good with high quality Sumitomo SAP. And for the confident ranger, the tall leak guards and a fast-absorbing core help to keep up with your most dexterous maneuvers!

Be ready for every adventure with Adventure Puffs premium adult diapers!

Medium: ~28-44in (71-112cm)**
Large: ~32-55in (80-140cm)**

*Capacity is a maximum based on factory testing.  Practical results may vary. Read more about absorbency HERE.

**Consider both your waist and hip measurements when selecting the size of your diapers.  We recommend making your selection based on the larger of the two measurements.  The feel of the fit will vary person-to-person based on one's body type.  

Need help sizing up your gear? Check out our handy dandy sizing aid, HERE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Hunter Dyer
Adventure puffs

Adventure puffs are perfect for everyday use I love how absorbent they are and the designs are all so cool and cute

adamo fusaro
Huzzah to these diapers

Hip hip huzzah to one a my favorite diapers they fit well they hold lots and they don't crinkle to bad at work.

Ashley M
no notes

adventure puffs are everything i want in a diaper! they're thick, comfy, cute, and absorbant enough to last all day. will def be buying again!

Nate Schermerhorn

Adventure Puffs! Adult Diapers

Zachery Welsh

I highly recommend